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Profits Syariah
Amenity of Sharia Investment

Online trading facility from Phintraco Securities, multiplatform, featuring Sharia features and sertified by DSN-MUI.

Profits Syariah fits Sharia Principles

•  Stock transaction based on Sharia principles - Fatwa No. 80/DSN-MUI/III/2011 
•  Process of continuous auction - Akad Bai’almusawamah 
•  Transaction settlement is based on Sharia principles - Principle of Qabdh Hukmi

Features of Profits Syariah
Halal Investment
Trade ISSI stocks only. Investor Fund Account (RDN) is sharia compliant
Riba Free
Free from riba as it is a cash basis transaction.
Full Access to Market Info
Fully access to market information and conventional stock price movement.
Multi Platform
Accessable from your desktop and gadget